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Sinus Surgery


Are you considering sinus / nasal surgery or recovering post op and looking to maintain the health of your sinuses?   Or simply one of millions of sinus and allergy sufferers? Is your nose stuffed up? Do you experience sinusitis, sinus headaches, allergy symptoms, sinus infections, or post nasal drip?

If you are looking for the best solution for these conditions do the research about pulsatile nasal & sinus irrigation with the Hydro Pulse.    It can prevent  the need for sinus & nasal surgery in many cases (please always ask your doctor) and is proven helpful in maintaining sinus health after surgery when surgery is needed (again please consult your doctor).

The Hydro Pulse Sinus System is the most proven and effective method available to cleanse and clear your nasal passages, throat, & sinuses gently and pleasantly.  A powerful tool for the maintenance of a clear & healthy sinus – Without Drugs.

Why is the Hydro Pulse so much more effective at resolving sinusitis & frequent sinus infections ?  While other methods of sinus irrigation are ok - only pulsatile sinus irrigation is proven to resolve biofilm and prevent severe sinusitis and sinus infections as well as to restore the health of the nasal cilia which are integral to overall sinus health.

post-nasal dripThe Hydro Pulse Nasal/Sinus Irrigation System is a natural, very gentle, and soothing drug free device to relieve sinusitis, sinus infections, allergies and the common cold including: post nasal drip, cough, congestion, sinus headaches, and irritated nasal passages.

The Hydro Pulse helps prevent sinus infections and relieves the associated pain and pressure. It is designed as a preventative therapy and natural maintenance regimen to help increase ciliary flow and gently clear sinus passages for adults and children suffering from: sinusitis, allergies/rhinitis, recurrent sore throats, and cold and flu symptoms

Developed by an internationally recognized Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist Dr. Grossan the Hydro Pulse  is  the FIRST and ONLY pulsatile  irrigator designed specifically for nasal/sinus irrigation.

The Hydro Pulse System produces a gentle, pulsating (not steady) stream to cleanse & moisturize the sinuses and massage the cilia of the nose and sinuses to their normal, healthy state. A Hydro Pulse treatment is gentle, pleasant & soothing leaving you feeling clear and fresh. The Hydro Pulse is completely DRUG-FREE.


"Treatment consisting of sinus irrigation alone prevented surgery in 58% of all patients"
Hartog: Efficacy of Sinus Irrigation versus Sinus Irrigation followed by FESS (Otol Rhinol Laryn 1997:759-766)


Clinically proven to stimulate and restore nasal cilia

Hydro Pulse pulsatile sinus irrigation has been shown in clinical tests to improve and stimulate the nasal and sinus cilia - the body's first line of defense against foreign bodies entering the sinuses. A short period of regular use helps restore their natural, protective, “sweeping” action. Does your treatment work with your body, or are you just getting some kind of temporary relief from congestion?

Pulsatile irrigation reported more effective at removing bacteria

Clinical studies report the Hydro Pulse with pulsatile lavage is up to 100X more effective at removing bacteria. The Hydro Pulse ® features include: hypo allergenic design, a gentle fully variable pressure control, quiet operation, soft color coded nasal tips for family members, and complete directions and sinus treatment information. The gentle pulsatile cleansing action of the Hydro Pulse Sinus System may even be eligible for reimbursement by insurance providers.


Evidence shows that pulsating saline lavage can remove bacteria.
Anglen J, Apostoles S, Christensen G, Gainor B. The efficacy of various irrigation solutions in removing slime-producing staphylococcus.J Orthopaed Trauma 1994;8:390-6.Osguthorpe J,Hadley Rhinosinusitis: current concepts in evaluation and management. Med Clin North Am 1999;83:27-41.


The Hydro Pulse® Nasal/Sinus Irrigation System includes the unique Original Throat Irrigator Tip ® that provides gentle soothing relief of sore throat pain and encourages healing by massaging and stimulating blood flow to the infected area. Unique new state-of-the-art tongue cleaner features a triple edge action and gentle rinse designed to remove bacteria and food particles for fresh breath.

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We provide a Pulsatile Sinus and Nasal Irrigator or Sinus Pulse Irrigation system that fights Sinus Infection and Sinusitus. They include the Hydropulse, and Hydro Pulse. Pulsatile Irrigation is a more effective method than a traditional Neti Pot. Nasal Rinsing or a Nasal Wash is similar to a Sinus Douche that is done with a saline solution (see our refill packets). Nasal irrigation can be used to avoid sinus surgery, allergies, and sinus headaches. The Hydro Pulse or HydroPulse by Dr. Grossan are recommended to fight your allergies. Allergy Liberation services customers in the UK and across Europe including Ireland Sweden Finland Austria Germany Denmark and the Netherlands. Doctor Grossan is the published author of "The Sinus Cure" which addresses a range of issues such as how to stop snoring, solving sleep apnia, dealing with blocked sinus and nose, and how to cleanse your sinuses with sinus irrigation. What do doctors say are the benefits of sinus irrigation? Among them are reducing nasal congestion, cleansing and ridding the sinus cavities of allergens, irritants, treating chronic sinusitis and acute bacterial infections, reducing snoring, and alleviating a blocked nose and sinus. We carry Dr. Grossan's products including Pulsatile Irrigation System the Hydro Pulse or HydroPulse Nasal Irrigation System. These products can really help relieve or alleviate sinusitis: Sinus Pulse Nasal Irrigator, Sinus Irrigation System, Clearease or Clear Ease, BreatheEase BreathEaze, Breath Ease Eaze XL, as well as the Nasal Gel. Other products include SinuCleanse, the Sinu Cleanse Squeeze, Neti Pot, and Refill Saline Packets. Dr. Hana's NasoPure & Naso Pure range. SanPharma Homeopathics including Notatum, Quentans, and Subtilis. For Allergies or Allergy such as Pet, Cat, Dog, or Hayfever we recommend using Nasalese or nazaleze (the nasaleze cold and alergy nose spray). Nasal Sprays the contain capsaicin which is also effective for allergies, sinusitus, and cluster headaches and migrines include Sinol and Sinus Buster (SinusBuster).

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