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Grossan Hydro Pulse Sinus System for EU / UK

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The Dr. Grossan Pulsatile Sinus, Nose, & Throat Irrigation System for UK & EU

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The Only Sinus System Designed By A Board Certified Ear, Nose, And Throat Doctor Proven To Stop Sinusitis, Sinus Infections, and Allergy.

Winner of Time Magazine Invention of the Year Award.

 Do You Suffer From:

* Sinus Pain * Sinusitis * Recurrent Sore Throats * Frequent Throat Infections * Post Nasal Drip and Mucus that Cause Throat Complications * Halitosis or Chronic Bad Breath * Nasal Congestion (such as from colds or allergies) * Chronic Sinusitis * Snoring due to mucus or nasal blockage * Blockage while flying or scuba diving * Asthma with sinusitis * Allergies - Exposure to (most) allergens * Poor chronic health of your throat and sinuses * Smoking or Smoke Complications * Sinus Headaches *Ear Blockage * Post Surgery Sinus Health Needs * Or Would like to  Avoid Surgery with a Natural Solution

The Hydro Pulse provides PROVEN relief from Allergies, Congestion, Sinusitis, Sinus Infections.

It helps your body help itself.

- Without drugs. Eliminating the overuse of antibiotics.

The Dr. Grossan Hydro Pulse System can effectively resolve chronic sinus infections, sinusitis and other related conditions.  It cleanses and clears your nose, throat, & sinuses gently and pleasantly, a powerful tool for the maintenance of a clear & healthy throat, nose, & sinus.

What does it do ?

The Grossan Hydro Pulse Nasal, Throat, & Sinus Irrigator produces a gentle, pulsating (not steady!) stream to cleanse & moisturize the sinuses, remove foreign matter, crusts, and other undesirable materials, and importantly massages the cilia of the nose and sinuses to their normal, healthy state.  

If you are suffering from chronic sinusitis it is often due to a break down in the functioning of the sinus cilia (read more with the articles below).  

A Hydro Pulse treatment is gentle, pleasant & soothing, and leaves you feeling clear and fresh. The system uses only saline, or better yet, it can use an enhanced nasal moisturizing solution - the Hydro Pulse is completely DRUG-FREE.

Pulsatile sinus irrigation has been shown in clinical tests to actually make the nasal and sinus cilia - the body's first line of defense against foreign bodies entering the sinuses - move better after treatment, transporting mucous out of the sinuses faster.

Does your existing treatment work with your body, or are you just getting some kind of temporary relief from congestion?

Pulsatile Sinus Irrigation is BETTER. 

How is Pulsatile Sinus Irrigation Different from a Neti Pot?

It is proven to be more effective at restoring the health of the sinus / nasal cilia, resolving sinusitis, and removing sinus infections ( including tough to conquer biofilm that may not even be resolved by surgery ).

The nasal cilia - microscopic hairs - normally wave in a pulsing motion to get rid of foreign matter, sweeping them to the back of the throat, to be eventually eliminated in stomach acids.

The pulsating stream causes cilia to pulsate with their natural motion, at the same time as moisturizing and cleansing, for proper maintenance of the cilia and membranes' healthy state.


Neti Pots, bottles, bulbs, other methods of irrigation can be OK - if messy and difficult to use - but pulsatile irrigation is DIFFERENT; it actually makes the cilia move faster. The Hydro Pulse is also convenient - never messy - gentle, and pleasant.

The Hydro Pulse System is an extremely effective system for cleansing the throat, nose, and sinus, an effective tool for the maintenance of healthy nasal & sinus cilia. It's simple & easy to use, in the privacy of your home. Never messy (like other methods), gentle and pleasant.

Clinical studies demonstrate that pulsatile irrigation is up to 100X more effective [1], [2], [3] at cleansing and removing bacteria than steady stream irrigation used by neti pots. Neti pots may be adequate for nasal washing but can not break down biofilm. Unlike the manual methods that include neti pots and nasal wash bottles the Hydro Sinus Pulse and its pulsatile technology is effective at breaking down biofilm a breeding ground for bacteria and sinus disease.  It has recently been shown that biofilms are present on the removed tissue of 80% of patients undergoing surgery for chronic sinusitis. The patients with biofilms were shown to have limited or no cilia activity.  Pulsatile irrigation is the best alternative for long term sinus health and sinus and allergy symptoms including chronic sinusitis, nasal congestion, sinus headaches, post nasal drip, and sinus infection. The intermittent lavage or pulsatile action of the Hydro Sinus Pulse helps to massage nasal and sinus tissues, promote blood flow, restore ciliary function, and remove bacteria.

1 Brown, LL; Shelton HT, Bornside GH, Cohn I Jr (1978 Feb). "Evaluation of wound irrigation by pulsatile jet and conventional methods" (abstract). Ann Surg. 187 ((2)): 170–73. PMID 343735. 


2 Anglen, J; Apostoles S, Christensen G, Gainor B. R (1994 Oct). "The efficacy of various irrigation solutions and methods in removing slime-producing staphylococcus" (abstract). J Orthop Trauma 8 ((2)): 390–6. doi:10.1097/00005131-199410000-00004. PMID 7996321. 


3 Svoboda, SJ; Bice TG, Gooden HA, Brooks DE, Thomas DB, Wenke JC (2006 Oct). "Comparison of bulb syringe and pulsed lavage irrigation." (abstract). J Bone Joint Surg Am 88 ((10)): 2167–74. doi:10.2106/JBJS.E.00248. PMID 17015593. 

Are you considering sinus / nasal surgery or recovering post op and looking to maintain the health of your sinuses to avoid future complications?    Or do you simply experience sinusitis, sinus headaches, allergy symptoms, sinus infections, or chronic post nasal drip?

We recommend that you do the research and ask your doctor about pulsatile nasal & sinus irrigation with the Dr. Grossan Hydro Pulse.

When your health is at stake - why not choose the most effective and proven solution available?

 In many cases proper use can prevent the need for sinus & nasal surgery (please always ask your doctor) and is proven helpful in maintaining sinus health after surgery when surgery is needed (again please consult your doctor).

While other methods of sinus irrigation are ok - only pulsatile sinus irrigation is proven to resolve biofilm and prevent severe sinusitis and sinus infections as well as to restore the health of the nasal cilia which are integral to overall sinus health.

Drug-free Relief from Sinus and Nasal Congestion:


A pleasant, three-minute treatment is all you need to cleanse your sinuses, maintaining the healthy body's natural disease fighting mechanisms, the cilia - not just treat symptoms.

Natural method - drug free treatment. Helps avoid overuse of antibiotics.

* Over 300,000 users.
* Fresher Breath
* Prescribed and used by leading university medical centers.
* In some cases, cleansing can prevent nasal damage caused by industrial dirt and toxins.


How the Hydro Pulse System Works:

Saline (or much better, an enhanced nasal moisturizing formula such as Breath Ease XL is good for moisturizing the nose and sinuses. The pulsating action removes phlegm and maintains the healthy state of your body's natural defenders, the nasal cilia. The Grossan Hydro Pulse ®, used as directed, will deliver a stream of solution at a safe, comfortable pressure, which pulsates to maintain the nasal & sinus cilia in their healthy state.

* Removes pus from the nose
* Thins thick secretions
* Washes away pollutants, toxins, allergens and dirt
* Developed by a board certified Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist
* Drug-free treatment to maintain good health of the sinuses, and proper motion of the nasal & sinus cilia.
* Stops biofilm that can linger after sinus infections
* May prevent the need for Sinus Surgery (always consult your Doctor)


Halitosis ? Proven Relief With A Powerful 3-Way Breath Control System


Studies have shown that phlegm from the nose(1), bacteria and material in the throat(2), and on the tongue(3), all contribute to breath problems. Sinus irrigation with the Hydro Pulse takes care of the phlegm from the nose. The throat irrigator tip, with special integrated tongue cleaner included in the system, takes advantage of the gentle but effective pulsatile action of the Hydro Pulse unit, for powerful and complete three way (nose, throat, and tongue) breath control.


Frequent Throat Infections ? Health Maintenance for the Throat


Because the pulsating action of the Hydro Pulse cleans effectively at a low pressure, use of our throat tip is great for clearing thick mucous from the throat, especially thick mucous that can become stagnant in the crypts in the tonsils (such stagnant mucous is a likely site of bacteria). The swirling, pulsating stream from the throat tip also massages the tonsils, which promotes good circulation, necessary for optimum health, which includes having beneficial white blood cells in the area. The Grossan Hydro Pulse comes with two throat irrigation tips for use by different members of the family. A drug-free method for maintenance of a healthy throat.

 Recommended Reading


System Includes:

* Hydro Pulse Nasal - Sinus Irrigation System
* (European Model 220/230v with both UK and standard EU plugs)
* 2 Original Sinus Irrigator Tips
* 2 Original Throat Irrigator Tips & Tongue Cleaner
* Supply of Nasal Moisturizer & Irrigation Solution Pre-measured Packets
* Excerpts from the best seller, "The Sinus Cure" (in the instruction manual)


* The ONLY & Original, Tested, Proven, Studied, Doctor Designed & Approved Pulsatile Sinus and Throat Irrigation System
* Referenced in Many Medical Studies (see links below)
* Fast Inexpensive Shipping to UK, Ireland, and across Europe from London.
* Same version contains both UK and European plugs.

Additional Features:


After listening to years of user's comments, Dr. Grossan is proud to offer you this new machine, truly a significant improvement. This new machine offers:

* Quieter operation (similar devices out there are noisy--watch out!)
* Easier and more reliable delivery of a gentle and pleasant pulsating stream. (No need to practice to keep your clothes and face clean.)
* A reservoir designed for easy measurement of solution, including any antibiotics or antifungal medication recommended by your doctor.
* Medical Grade Plastics.
* 100% hypoallergenic treatment with no rubber or latex
* One year manufacturer's warrant


Samples from 100's of Medical Reports:


"A particularly helpful strategy in the treatment and prevention of chronic sinusitis is saline washing using the Grossan Sinus Irrigator."

Patient Care Magazine/February 1997
Gary Rachelefsky, M.D.
Associate Director Allergy-Immunology U.C.L.A School of Medicine Los Angeles, CA
Raymond G. Slavin M.D.
Professor of Internal Medicine St. Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Mo.
Ellen R. Wald, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics-Otolaryngology, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh



"Nasal Irrigation can potentially be the most therapeutic measure in completely eliminating a sinus infection. It can help quickly and dramatically. I've heard from people who have had an infection for months that within two days of beginning irrigation, the infection was gone, and did not return, even if irrigation was not continued beyond a few days."

Dr. Robert S. Ivker

President, American Holistic Medical Association
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
Clinical Instructor, Dept. of Family Medicine and Otolaryngology
University of Colorado, School of Medicine.


"Nasal irrigator will flush away the remaining mucus and allergens. Two to three irrigations a day are efficacious for relief of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis for most people."

Dr. Davidson (Handbook of Nasal Disease)

"Using pulsatile nasal irrigation twice a day is effective to improve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, post-nasal drip, nasal obstruction, and benefits over 70% of patients after 6 weeks."

Dr. Davidson (Larynogscope 2000 July)


"Nasal irrigation treatment was ``effective'' in reducing overall incidence of colds."

Dr. Ravizza (Academy of American Family Physician, Sept. 1998)


"Using NASAL IRRIGATION before sinusitis surgery can reduce the inflammation of sinusitis. It can help to restore the muco-ciliary movement, reduce the incidence of wound infection, and improve the wound healing with regular use. "

Dr. Rice (Endoscoppic Paranasal Sinus Surgery 1993)


"Sinus irrigation can help more than 50% of sinusitis patients avoid sinus surgery.  Nasal irrigation is efficacious providing improvement in the symptoms of chronic sinusitis in 58% of subjects after one year."

Dr. Hordijk (1997 Ann Otol Rhino Laryngol)



*FDA Registered, CE Marked, and UL Approved

*The Grossan Hydro Pulse System is not a replacement for medical attention. No part of the content of this web site is intended as medical advice. If you have any abnormal condition of any kind, seek qualified medical attention. Always follow your doctor's advice.


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We provide a Pulsatile Sinus and Nasal Irrigator or Sinus Pulse Irrigation system that fights Sinus Infection and Sinusitus. They include the Hydropulse, and Hydro Pulse. Pulsatile Irrigation is a more effective method than a traditional Neti Pot. Nasal Rinsing or a Nasal Wash is similar to a Sinus Douche that is done with a saline solution (see our refill packets). Nasal irrigation can be used to avoid sinus surgery, allergies, and sinus headaches. The Hydro Pulse or HydroPulse by Dr. Grossan are recommended to fight your allergies. Allergy Liberation services customers in the UK and across Europe including Ireland Sweden Finland Austria Germany Denmark and the Netherlands. Doctor Grossan is the published author of "The Sinus Cure" which addresses a range of issues such as how to stop snoring, solving sleep apnia, dealing with blocked sinus and nose, and how to cleanse your sinuses with sinus irrigation. What do doctors say are the benefits of sinus irrigation? Among them are reducing nasal congestion, cleansing and ridding the sinus cavities of allergens, irritants, treating chronic sinusitis and acute bacterial infections, reducing snoring, and alleviating a blocked nose and sinus. We carry Dr. Grossan's products including Pulsatile Irrigation System the Hydro Pulse or HydroPulse Nasal Irrigation System. These products can really help relieve or alleviate sinusitis: Sinus Pulse Nasal Irrigator, Sinus Irrigation System, Clearease or Clear Ease, BreatheEase BreathEaze, Breath Ease Eaze XL, as well as the Nasal Gel. Other products include SinuCleanse, the Sinu Cleanse Squeeze, Neti Pot, and Refill Saline Packets. Dr. Hana's NasoPure & Naso Pure range. SanPharma Homeopathics including Notatum, Quentans, and Subtilis. For Allergies or Allergy such as Pet, Cat, Dog, or Hayfever we recommend using Nasalese or nazaleze (the nasaleze cold and alergy nose spray). Nasal Sprays the contain capsaicin which is also effective for allergies, sinusitus, and cluster headaches and migrines include Sinol and Sinus Buster (SinusBuster).

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